Micro Combined Heat and Power System for Households


Project description

The purpose of the H-CHP -project is to promote the uptake of Combined Heating and Power systems (CHP) in sparsely populated northern regions using solid renewable biomass and gasification methods that will be appropriate for remote households.
The Northern Periphery Area has abundant natural fuel resources but is subject to a harsher climate than the rest of Europe and this results in the need for increased domestic energy. Attempts to exploit natural energy resources for households has been mixed, and as a result, there is significant fuel poverty in the region. A key component is the high cost of electricity.
We propose a new affordable solution that uses local renewable solid biofuel in a small-scale micro CHP system.

Project coordinator

University of Oulu


University of Oulu Applied Sciences, LuleƄ University of Technology, University of the Highlands and Islands Lews Castle College, University of Iceland, Energy Action and Tigghean Insse Gall