Kerttu Saalasti Institute

The University of Oulu Kerttu Saalasti Institute is an international research institute with a mission to provide evidence based knowledge on micro-enterprises and their operating conditions. Our research theme is Operational Excellence of  Micro-Enterprises. Kerttu Saalasti Instituute provides knowledge from the prespectives of Micro-Entrepreneurship as well as Future Manufacturing Technologies and Regional Excellence that enable vitality and growth at the micro-enterprise level. Societal impact of research is our strength.  Kerttu Saalasti Institute provides knowledge to support development of enterprises and communities in order to generate sustainable growth.

(1) Micro-entrepreneurship research is focused on growth, internationalisation and management, operating conditions, societal impact, values, motivation and capabilities in micro-enterprises as well as entrepreneurial learning and culture.

(2) Future Manufacturing Technologies research is focused on the agile and cost-efficient manufacturing technologies (e.g. metal 3D printing), lightweight and high strength structures and production automation applicable to micro-enterprises.

(3) Our research on Regional Excellence is focused on regional factors, mechanisms and processes that enable dynamic growth and vitality of micro-enterprises.

Kerttu Saalasti Institute is the only research institute in Finland and internationally focused on micro-enterprises. 

Institute participates significant collaborative research infrastructures, which are Microentrepreneurship Center of Excellence, ELME-Studio focused on new manufacturing technologies and underground research infrastructure CallioLab. Institute participates strategic development of these infrastructures together with its partner organisations.

The Kerttu Saalasti Institute has an extensive national and international network consisting of research, development and education actors, hundreds of business partners, a comprehensive network of municipalities and development companies and dozens of international university partners. The Institute has a strong international project portfolio. Kerttu Saalasti Institute makes new openings and policy-level recommendations to promote micro-enterprises and their operational capabilities through a national, European and global research agenda.

The activities of Kerttu Saalasti Institute are supported by the Kerttu Saalasti Foundation.

Last updated: 4.9.2019