Virus Core Laboratory

The BCO Virus Core laboratory (contact persons) is a fully equipped Biosafety Level 2 cell-culture laboratory. We provide:

1) Services

  • CRISPR gene modification
    o CRISPR Feasibility
       • Feasibility of a cell line for CRISPR gene knockout modification by lentiviral transduction
    o CRISPR Knockout
       • Generation of a CRISPR/Cas9- modified cell line
  • Viral vectors
    o Lentivirus vector
       • Generation of recombinant lentivirus
    o Retrovirus vector
       • Generation of recombinant retrovirus
    o Adenovirus vector
       • Generation of recombinant adenovirus

2) Laboratory facilities, training and scientific consultation in virus technologies and an easy and cost-effective start for virus-based gene expression and gene-silencing studies.

All the necessary reagents, consumables and molecular tools are available for retroviral (MuLV), lentiviral and adenoviral gene transfer approaches. We also help in designing custom-made viral RNA interference (RNAi) gene-silencing constructs and CRISPR-based gene KO constructs and in planning genetic manipulation of mouse embryonic stem cells and/or generation of lenti-transgenic mouse models.

The Virus Core laboratory is accessible to trained users at any time. It contains two laminar hoods bookable via Asimov reservation system Laminar 1 and Laminar 2. A high-quality Zeiss inverted fluorescence microscope equipped with a sensitive camera and a standard stereomicroscope are available for imaging. Purification and concentration of viral vectors can be carried out by ultracentrifugation or FPLC chromatography. An Ultra-low-temperature freezer is provided for users to allow storage of viral preparations at the BCO Virus Core laboratory.

Contact persons:

Aki Manninen, Ph.D.,
Coordinator of the Virus Core laboratory
Tel. +358-(0)294 486081
E-mail: aki.manninen (at)
Room: L104A, FBMM Aapistie 7

Jaana Träskelin
Tel. +358-(0)294 486065
E-mail: jaana.traskelin (at)
Room: 437A, Aapistie 5A

Last updated: 15.11.2018