Communication Studies


Communication is a central dimension in all human interaction, cooperation and construction of meaning. Communication is everyone’s everyday skill. Yet everyone is also able to enhance his/her communication skills by practicing and increasing his/her awareness of various communication principles.

Communication research is a subject of wide relevance, useful in all fields and most professions. In addition to communication professions, communication studies are useful in customer service and various expert and management positions.

The network-like structure of today’s society is to a great extent based on communicative interaction: management, for example, is essentially communication. We need various skills for promoting our own ideas, within an organization as well as outside it. In today’s society, large-scale social impact and interaction are essentially possible only through media forums. Effective social communication and media visibility require the understanding of the nature of different media, the characteristics of communication technologies as well as the principles of today’s journalistic news production. On the other hand, media literacy skills are necessary for any citizen and consumer, in order to critically evaluate and interpret pictures and words pouring in from the media in an attempt to promote agendas of various interest groups by emphasizing certain aspects of the matter while ignoring certain others. Every citizen should be capable of realizing how various presentations such as advertisements aim to influence us, far from being objective and unbiased.

The Basic Studies package in Communication Studies comprises 25 credits. This package is based on theoretical courses organized in cooperation with the Master’s Degree Programme in Science Communication (TIEMA). The lectures will be scheduled in two-year cycles, in accordance with the timetable of the TIEMA programme. The package comprises 5 courses (5 credits each) selected from the following 6 courses: Introduction to Communication Studies, PR Communication, Introduction to Science Communication, Changing Media Culture, Media Law and Ethics in the Media, and Communication Research.


Last updated: 22.6.2016