Network Security, Trust and Privacy

Security, trust and privacy mechanisms are more important than ever in 5G and 6G, as the critical systems of the whole society depend on them as trustworthy network services of the future.
Network Security, Trust and Privacy Group (NetSEC)

Research group description

NetSEC research group: Network Security, Trust and Privacy solutions for 5G, beyond 5G and 6G systems

NetSEC research group aims to develop essential security technologies to enable secure, trustworthy and privacy-driven 6G, and solve some of the remaining research problems in 5G and beyond, as part of the active research and industrial community, in joint research projects and programs. NetSEC seeks actively new partners in the academic and industrial community. NetSEC belongs to CWC Networks and Systems research unit, and contributes to the 6G Flagship program.

About NetSEC

NetSEC research group focuses on

  • Secure 6G: Security, trust and privacy in communications networks
  • Secure network architecture, mechanisms and techniques design and analysis in 5G and beyond 5G systems
  • Network security in next generation IoT, edge computing and AI enhanced communications networks
  • Blockchain/distributed ledger technologies solutions for telecommunications networks
  • Applying security techniques to cyber-physical, software-defined, virtualized and edge-driven industrial IoT use cases