Centre for Philosophical Studies of History

The Centre for Philosophical Studies of History functions as a hub for junior and senior researchers interested in conceptual and philosophical studies of history and historiography. It organizes workshops, conferences and talks on the topic. Through publications and other public dissemination it aims to deepen understanding of the philosophy of history and historiography.


The Centre of Philosophical Studies concentrates on three areas: the philosophy of history/historiography, the philosophy of history/historiography of science and the philosophy of science, including epistemology.

In general, the first area covers any philosophical research on the concepts and problems of historiography, but also those traditions that have tried to say something general on the nature of history itself. The second area of emphasis focus on the respective questions on the historiography of science and on the history of science. These two are our main areas of interest, but because of their overlap with the philosophy of science and epistemology these latter are also included among our emphases.

Many concepts and problems of historiography have been discussed and are related to wider debates in the philosophy of science and epistemology. The ‘Theory of history’ is also a topic of interest and may be seen subsumed under the philosophy of history and historiography.

The Centre for Philosophical Studies of History is located in the University of Oulu in Finland. The University of Oulu has the only degree programme for History of Science and Ideas in Finland. Philosophy is part of the programme.

Because History of Science and Ideas crosses the border between the historical research of natural sciences and humanities, it provides an extremely congenial academic setting for the Centre. In close proximity there is also Eudaimonia Institute, which is dedicated to facilitate high-quality research and professional networking in human sciences.




As The Centre for Philosophical Studies of History is a hub for scholars and researchers interested in the core ideas and thoughts of historical research we are constantly expanding our cooperation with other institutions and organizations.

The Centre for Philosophical Studies of History welcomes visiting scholars. We actively encourage exchange of ideas and promote academic debate. 

Unfortunately, we cannot currently provide scholarships but we promise enthusiastic scholarly interaction. You will be given an opportunity to present your work in our intensive Reading-Writing -Circle. You will be rendered a working desk and access to the University Library. Naturally, you will be able to co-operate with other interesting scholars at the Faculty of Humanities in the University of Oulu, for example, in History of Sciences and Ideas, History, Archaeology and Anthropology.  


The Centre for Philosophical Studies of History does not direcly accept students but provides education in forms of Masters programme, seminars, and discussion.

The Centre is affiliated with History of Science and Ideas that offers degree programmes on all academic levels.

For admissions to graduate school of the University of Oulu contact UniOGS - University of Oulu Graduate School.

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The Centre for Philosophical Studies of History´s long term goal is to function as a node in the international network of institutions and create a community of scholars interested in similar topics in Oulu, Finland and beyond.

In the global, inter-connected world, we feel that geographical presence is not a necessary requirement of membership. Hence we actively encourage scholars to get in touch with us. 

If you would like to join the Centre, visit us or receive information on activities, please send an email to cpsh(at)oulu.fi or jouni-matti.kuukkanen(at)oulu.fi

You are warmly welcome to visit our blog JHP EditorialFacebook page  and Twitter account.