The research activities in the Unit range from solving abstract problems in pure mathematics to development and practical applications of statistical and computational methods in empirical sciences. The researchers and research groups have active national and international collaboration networks.

The topics of research are mainly related to the following special fields: fractal geometry, harmonic analysis, inverse problems, number theory, optimization and control theory, Bayesian data-analysis, computational and statistical methods in engineering and life sciences, and mathematics education.

Centres of Excellence

Two groups belong to national Centres of Excellence (CoE) supported by the Academy of Finland:

  •     The Fractal Geometry Group is a part of the CoE in Analysis and Dynamics,
  •     The Inverse Problems Group is a member of the CoE of Inverse Modelling and Imaging

Doctoral Training

Doctoral training is an important activity of the Unit. PhD students are supervised by senior faculty members in topics related to their expertise. If you are interested to pursue doctoral studies in Mathematical Sciences at Oulu, you are recommended to contact the leader of the pertinent research group.

The University of Oulu Graduate School (UniOGS) provides the organizational framework for doctoral training. Mathematical Sciences belong to the Technology and Natural Sciences Doctoral Programme (TNS-DP) within UniOGS.