Oulu University, 2017

Programme, autumn 2018

The Scandinavian Studies is an introductory level programme that is designed to give the participants a broad overview of Scandinavian history, culture and everyday life. Upon completing the programme, students will be able to identify various aspects of Finnish and Scandinavian culture, history, political systems, literature and everyday life.

You can see the course timetable in WebOodi and Tuudo.

Here are the courses offered in autumn term 2018:


683707P Survival Finnish, 2 ECTS - student number is restricted to 25!

683708P Saami Culture, 5 ECTS 

683709P Finnish Political System, 3 ECTS

683710P Scandinavian Prehistory, 3 ECTS

683711P Viking Age, 3 ECTS

683712P Introduction to Finnish History, 3 ECTS

683713P Nordic Mythology, 3 ECTS

683714P Finnish Literature, 3 ECTS

683715P Scandinavian Literature, 3 ECTS

683716P Humans and Environment, 4 ECTS


Scandinavian Studies

Coordinator: Ms Henna Rannanpää

Address: P.O.Box 1000, FI-90014 University of Oulu, Finland

Tel . +358 29 448 3246

E-mail: study.humanities@oulu.fi

Academic Director: Mr. Harri Mantila, Vice Dean, Faculty of Humanities

Last updated: 24.8.2018