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18.6.2020 News

BCO group leaders Kerkelä and Junttila have received Academy of Finland Funding

BCO group leaders professors Risto Kerkelä and Juhani Junttila have received Academy of Finland 4-year project funding 1.9.2020-31.8.2024 for their projects “Molecular mechanisms of cardiac ageing,

18.6.2020 News

Caglar Elbuken is bridging academia and industry – fundamental research leads to applications

Professor Caglar Elbuken arrived in Oulu last winter from Ankara, Turkey, to take on a new career challenge. Namely, the founding of two research groups for the University of Oulu and the VTT Technical Research Center of Finland, respectively.

17.2.2020 News

New Instruct Centre in Finland offers services to users

From today, the Finnish Infrastructure for Integrative Structural Biology will open its doors to European scientists as Instruct Centre FI.

30.1.2020 News

Academy of Finland FIRI funding and a grant from the Erkko Foundation to develop Biocenter Oulu Core facilities

Biocenter Oulu Protein crystallography core facility, a member of

23.1.2020 News

1,5M€ funding for hypoxia research

Jane and Aatos Erkko Foundation has granted significant funding to the researchers of the University of Oulu. Foundation has granted 1,5 million euro funding for Professors Johanna Myllyharju and Peppi Karppinen of the University of Oulu. The grant was awarded for hypoxia-related research (Key enzyme regulators of the hypoxia response, collagen synthesis and epigenetic pathways as therapeutic targets) for five years.

18.12.2019 News

Biocenter Oulu Discovery of the Year 2019

The Biocenter Oulu Discovery of the Year 2019 Event was held on December 17. Here are the winners announced in the event:

16.12.2019 News

FIRI funding to strengthen Biocenter Oulu imaging facilities

Biocenter Oulu, a node site of Euro-BioImaging ERIC, receives Academy of Finland FIRI funding (total 1 000 000 €) to advance microscope imaging technologies designed for visualization of microscopi

10.12.2019 News

Professor Johannes Kettunen appointed as the new Director of Focus institute Biocenter Oulu

Rector Jouko Niinimäki has on December 9, 2019 appointed Professor Johannes Kettunen as the new Director of Focus institute Biocenter Oulu. The position is for 4 years and starts on 1.1.2020.

10.12.2019 News

The University of Oulu at the forefront of hypoxia research

This year’s Nobel Prize in Medicine will be awarded on 10 December to three researchers studying hypoxia – low oxygen concentrations. The Faculty of Biochemistry and Molecular Medicine of the University of Oulu has made its significant contribution to the subject.

5.12.2019 News

Funding from the Academy of Finland R´Life to Biocenter Oulu group leaders

From the Academy of Finland Molecular Regulatory Networks of Life (R´Life) Funding, the Consortium ELMI: (The leukemic matrisome interface as a source of markers and targets for acute myeloid leuke

4.12.2019 News

Biocenter Oulu light microscopy services are part of Euro-BioImaging – now with the ERIC status

The European Commission has officially established Euro-BioImaging – which provides life scientists with open access to a broad range of technologies an

5.11.2019 News

FinnAdvance receives a significant start-up award

The start-up company FinnAdvance, resulting from vascular and lymphatic research at the University of Oulu, has won the Tech Start-up Award 2019, a large international innovation competition in Cologne.

8.10.2019 News

BCO group leaders Profs. Koivunen and Myllyharju have on-going collaboration with Nobel Prize winners

The Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine 2019 was awarded jointly to William G. Kaelin Jr, Sir Peter J. Ratcliffe and Gregg L.

23.9.2019 News

Professor Gong-Hong Wei’s research group awarded for their work into the mechanisms of aggressive prostate cancer

The Minerva Foundation’s Medix prize in biomedical basic research has this year been awarded to a research group headed by Professor of Biochemistry and Molecular Medicine Gong-Hong Wei at the University of Oulu.

11.9.2019 News

Genetic factors influencing adult obesity take effect in early childhood

Body mass index (BMI) in infants, children and adults is influenced by different genetic factors that change as we age, according to a major new study.

26.8.2019 News

Blood-based biomarkers of life expectancy found – first step towards personalised treatments

Researchers of the University of Oulu have participated in a study that identified a combination of blood-based biomarkers that were associated with life expectancy consistently across five European countries.

21.5.2019 News

Rector's decision: Appointment of research projects to Biocenter Oulu Institute for a period of 2020 - 2023

The call for new Biocenter Oulu research projects for 2020 – 2023 was published in October 11th, 2018. The call was closed in January 14th, 2019.

8.5.2019 News

Meet the Top Scientist seminar offered a peek to the future of VR and robotics

Meet the Top Scientist seminar was held on Tellus Stage on the 7th of May. There were presentations by three scientists, prof. Juha Röning, Prof. Johanna Uusimaa and Dr.

2.5.2019 News

Newly discovered gene mutation reduces fear and anxiety, and increases social interaction

Finnish researchers at the University of Eastern Finland and the University of Oulu have discovered of a new type of gene mutation that reduces fear and anxiety, and increases social interaction. The researchers employed gene manipulation technology to remove the P4h-tm gene from the mouse genome and found an unexpected change in mouse behaviour. P4h-tm knockout mice showed striking courage and a lack of learned helplessness compared to congenic wild-type mice with a functional P4h-tm gene. The results were published in Neuropharmacology.

15.3.2019 News

Researchers found a new mechanism with which cells can sense oxygen

Researchers found a new mechanism with which cells can sense oxygen: new opportunities will open for the development of cancer drugs

14.12.2018 News

1.8 milj. € FET Open funding to Professor Seppo Vainio

Professor Seppo Vainio will receive 1,8 milj. € funding from EU FET (Future and Emerging Technologies) Open – program.

14.12.2018 News

Two participants from Oulu University with MAKNEE as the winner of the first Life Science Pitching competition

MAKNEE won the €30,000 grand prize of Life Science Pitching competition for life science-based startups and pre-startups.

26.11.2018 News

An article in Molecular & Cellular Proteomics by Manninen research group

An article entitled “Assembly of the β4-integrin interactome based on proximal biotinylation in the presence and absence of heterodimerization” wa