Biocenter Oulu Research Infrastructure services

Open access BCO research services serve academic and other customers in their research and R&D projects.

Biocenter Oulu Sequencing Center

  • Genomic and transcriptomic sequencing
    o  RNA-Seq
    o  Exome sequencing
    o  Gene panel/amplicon sequencing
    o  Sequencing runs for libraries prepared by the customers
  • PCR product and plasmid sequencing
    o  Capillary sequencing
  • DNA/RNA isolation services
  • Automated pipetting
  • DNA/RNA electrophoresis
  • qPCR analyses

Biocomputing and bioinformatics

  • In silico modeling and simulation
  • Scientific computing
  • Method development
  • Applications

Proteomics and protein analysis

  • Mass spectrometry
  • Protein biophysical measurements and amino acid analysis
  • Proteomics

Virus Core Laboratory

  • Fully equipped Biosafety Level facilities and training for researchers for the use of viral vectors
  • Virus vector production services
  • CRISPR gene modification services

    Protein Crystallography Core Facility

    • Crystallization of proteins
    • Data collection from protein crystals
    • Determination of protein structure from crystal data
    • Characterization of protein samples with different techniques

    Tissue Imaging Center

    • Sample preparation services
    • Imaging services with light and electron microscopes
      o  Confocal microscopy
      o  Multi-photon microscopy
      o  Transmission electron microscopy
      o  Scanning electron microscopy
      o  Correlative LM+EM microscopy
      o  Optical projection tomography (OPT)
      o  3D light sheet microscopy
    • Scientific consultation and image analysis

    Transgenic Core facility

    • Serves as the only Finnish European Mouse Mutant Archive (EMMA) node
    • Offers a wide range of services related to gene modified mice:
      o  Generation of mutant lines (point mutation, transgene, knock-out, CRISPR/Cas9)
      o  Storage & Recovery, Shipping & Importing, Cleansing
      o  Generation of iPS cells
      o  Isolation of embryonic stem cells
    • Provides the facilities for histological examination of tissues

      All services are tailorable according to the customer need.

      Some of the services are also available as self-service. The core personnel will train the self-service users to work independently.

      Detailed information on instrumentation, support services, prices, and contact persons are available on the web pages of each service unit. If you have any questions, just contact Coordinator Pirkko Huhtala (pirkko.huhtala (at),+358 294486101 who will guide you further.

      How to Acknowledge Biocenter Oulu Research Infrastructure

      The Biocenter Oulu Research Infrastructure is supported by the University of Oulu and by other funders and evaluated mainly on the basis of publications and thesis of its users. All academic users using the infrastructure are required to acknowledge its use in all their publications resulting from the work done here. This secures development of the infrastructure and helps to keep the user fees at a reasonable level.

      Preferred version:

      This work/Part of the work was carried out with the support of Biocenter Oulu, Name of the Research Infrastructure, University of Oulu, Finland. Where Name of the Research Infrastructure staff have made a significant contribution to the conduct of the research, it is appropriate that they be acknowledged as co-authors of the publication. In this case, the relevant institutional affiliation should be recorded as Name of the Research Infrastructure, University of Oulu, Finland.

      Some form of attribution is required in the 'Acknowledgements' section of your publication. For publications without an 'Acknowledgements' section, the attribution should be made either as a footnote to the title or included as a reference when the work is described in the 'Experimental' section.


      Biocenter Oulu research infrastructure core facilities are part of the University of Oulu Infrastructure Unit and they belong to the national distributed Biocenter Finland research infrastructure network. Core facilities participate in the European level research infrastructures (ESFRI projects) Infrafrontier (transgenic animals), Euro-Bioimaging (imaging) and Instruct (structural biology).

      Last updated: 4.9.2019