The EMBO conference: "The biochemistry and chemistry of biocatalysis: From understanding to design"

June 12 (Sunday) to June 15 (Wednesday) 2016, University of Oulu, Oulu, Finland.

This conference will focus on some of the fundamental and applied aspects of biocatalysis, with an emphasis on the impact that enzyme research can produce at the interface of biology and catalysis.  The sessions will cover an array of topics, from innovative techniques, including computational and structural approaches, to new developments in understanding enzyme mechanisms and mechanisms of complex biological catalytic systems.   Established and emerging scientists from academic and industrial settings will be available to stimulate discussions and provide perspective on the topics of this conference. We strongly encourage participation of students and postdoctoral associates, providing opportunities for discussion and networking.  Oral presentations chosen from submitted poster abstracts will provide additional opportunities for discussing new and innovative ideas. The speakers are encouraged to give a brief introduction of the field in which they work and allow for sufficient time for discussions.

International organising committee: Wierenga, Ringe, Mroginski, Hilvert, Richards, Pihko

The registration of the participants starts on Sunday evening at around 16:00 followed by a welcome gettogether and a keynote lecture at about 19:00.  The meeting ends on Wednesday afternoon at about 15:00.

Session-1: promiscuous enzymes and directed evolution
Session-2: new advances in understanding of enzyme catalysis    
Session-3: single molecule studies
Session-4: industrial enzymes and enzymes for pharmaceuticals
Session-5: multifunctional enzymes
Session-6: enzyme reaction mechanism
Session-7: bioinorganic and bioorganic chemistry    
Session-8: emerging techniques
Session-9: towards new enzymes

Further information can be found here.

Last updated: 9.6.2016