Structural Enzymology: A Quantitative Approach

Rikkert K. Wierenga, Ph.D.

Project leader
Prof. Rikkert K. Wierenga, Ph.D.

Biocenter Oulu and Faculty of Biochemistry and Molecular Medicine, University of Oulu

Mailing address
P.O.Box 3000, FIN-90014 University of Oulu, Finland

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University of Oulu, Aapistie 7A, 90220 Oulu, Finland

Tel. +358-(0)294 481199,
e-mail: rik.wierenga (at)

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About the project

Our studies concern the characterisation of enzymes at the molecular level, including enzyme-substrate interactions. We study properties of CoA-dependent, thioester dependent lipid metabolising enzymes, such as acyl-CoA dehydrogenases, enoyl-CoA isomerases (ECIs), thiolases, multifunctional enzymes (MFE1, TFE), as well as enzymes that hydroxylate prolines of procollagen (collagen prolyl 4-hydroxylases, C-P4Hs). For these studies protein crystallographic approaches are complemented by biophysical characterisations, enzyme kinetics, computing and chemistry. The mechanistic studies concern better understanding of the chemistry of biocatalysis but also of the mechanisms of substrate channelling (MFE1, TFE) and processivity (C-P4H). These studies provide valuable expertise for future biotech and pharmaceutical applications.

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