Nikon A1R MP+ multiphoton microscope

For strongly light scattering samples; sensitive 3D time-lapse imaging of tissues, organotypic cultures and intravital (mouse, rat) imaging. Label free imaging of e.g. collagen fibers (SHG) and structure interfaces (THG). Equipped with a resonant scanner for scanning at high speed (suitable for rapidly occurring cellular events).

Excitation lasers:
Tunable 820nm-1300nm and fixed 1040nm dual output femtosecond laser
Episcopic (reflected) and diascopic (transmitted) detection units. 4 channels in both direction, detection from blue to deep red.
CFI75 Apochromat 25X W MP1300 (NA 1.10, WD 2.0 mm, Water), with or without cover glass
CFI PLAN FLUOR 20X MIĀ  (NA 0.75, WD 0.33-0.35mm, Water-Glycerin-Oil), with cover glass
CFI75 LWD 16X W (NA 0.8, WD 3mm, Water), without cover glass
CFI Plan Apochromat 10X G Glyc (NA 0.5, WD 5.5mm, RI correction 1.33-1.51, Water-Glycerin-Oil-Clearing agents), with or without cover glass
Galvanometric and high speed resonant scanners
Top stage incubator for live cell/tissue time lapse imaging with temperature, humidity, CO2 and O2 control
Isoflurane anesthesia system (VetTech) with active scavenging unit and rat and mouse masks
Heat pad:
Stoelting Rodent warmer with 2- channels and rat and mouse heating pads
Head holder:
Neurotar HeadFix system for cranial window imaging of living mice
NIS-Elements C-ER

Fully motorized upright microscope and stage for multi-position imaging

Suitable sample formats: slides, 35mm and larger petri dishes, 6-well plates

Sample images:

Mouse skin. Collagen fibers in grey and cells in red. Label free second harmonic generation imaging.

Mouse cornea, z-stack. Label free second harmonic (stroma collagen; orange) and third harmonic (epithelial and endothelial cells; blue) generation imaging.

Mouse lung, z-stack. Two photon excitation fluorescence imaging of cells expressing GFP and tdTomato.

Mouse brain, imaging through a cranial window. Astrocytes expressing GFP (green) and endothelial cells expressing tdTomato (blood vessels; red).

Last updated: 23.2.2017