OpenSPIM light sheet microscope

For microscopic to mesoscopic scale fixed and living samples. High speed sensitive 4D imaging in 3D culture environment.

488nm and 561nm lasers for fluorescence + bright field LED
Hamamatsu ORCA-Flash 4.0 V2, fluorescence filters for e.g. GFP (BP 525/50nm; green) and mCherry (570LP; red), transmitted light detection
Excitation pathway: 2 x Olympus UMPLFLN 10X/0.3 W, dual side illumination
Detection pathway: Olympus UMPLFLN 20X/0.5 W or Olympus LUMPLFLN 40X/0.8 W
Temperature, CO2 and O2 controlled liquid exchange/perfusion system
┬ÁManager with OpenSPIM package

Imaging from single cells to whole embryos over extended periods of time

Subcellular resolution and multi-dimensional real-time imaging of intact thick samples

Samples can be embedded to low melting temperature agar, Matrigel, collagen etc. and are imaged in an aqueous medium/water/PBS etc. filled chamber

Last updated: 13.9.2016