User policy and fees


BCO-TIC light microcopy core facility is open for all users. Open access to microscopy instruments and services outside University of Oulu is applied through Euro-BioImaging . Facility services include bright field, fluorescence, confocal, multiphoton and light sheet microscopy, optical projection tomography, live-cell imaging, cell and tissue manipulations and measurements, in vivo imaging, computer-based presentations and analysis of the image data, sequences and morphology. Assistance in sample preparation, in trouble-shooting, choosing the appropriate instruments, and in data analysis is also provided. Imaging instruments and computer rooms for data analysis are located on the fourth floor in the main building of the medical campus (Kieppi building, Aapistie 5A). Cell culture space to culture and manipulate cells before and between microscopic imaging is available. BCO-TIC microscopes and image analysis software are open to all researchers after the training. Training in the BCO-TIC is available by appointment. If there is a need for instruments outside the office hours (16.00-7.30) or on weekends when the building and the corridor doors are locked, the user should contact staff to get an electronic guest key.


After the training a user account is created and the new user will have access to the reservation system. Imaging instruments are reserved through the iLab reservation system. By using the same online system, users can revise and cancel their reservations (Instructions). Cancellations should be done as early as possible but at least 1 h before the reservation starts. Note that it is not allowed to use any microscope without a reservation, since the usage will be charged according to iLab logs. The reservations are made in one-hour blocks. Booking time of  Zeiss LSM 780 confocal microscope is limited to four hours per day per user (during prime time: Mon-Fri, 8.00-16.00). Longer time lapse usage should be scheduled outside prime time hours.


Microscope usage time is charged according to the actual hours marked to iLab after imaging. There is a maximum expense limit of 4000€ / charging period (two six month periods: 1.1. – 30.6. and 1.7. – 31.12.) / research group, and hours exceeding that limit during that period will not be charged. Usage during  the nightly hours between 24.00 and 8.00 has reduced price (see detailed prices from iLab). User training and support, usage of offline image analysis workstations (room 419A) and cell culture space are free of charge. Customized service packages are formed for industrial users.

Prices for academic users (€/hour)

Leica SP8 FALCON confocal microscope 15€
Bioptonics 3001 optical projection tomography (OPT) device
Leica histology microscope and camera
Olympus cellSens time-lapse imaging system
Olympus Cell^M imaging system
Olympus FluoView FV1000 confocal microscope
Zeiss upright fluorescence microscope and hyperspectral camera
Zeiss LSM 780 confocal microscope
Zeiss Cell Observer spinning disc confocal microscope
Nikon multiphoton microscope
Zeiss Axio Imager motorized histology microscope 10€
OpenSPIM light sheet microscope 10€
IVIS in vivo imaging system
Off-line analysis workstations (Zen, Imaris, Huygens etc.)


It is not allowed to use microscopes without an instrument-specific training session given by the core facility personnel. Specific instructions and printed user guides are alongside the microscopes. It is not allowed to change the microscope assemblies without negotiating with the staff. Users should inform the staff in the case of malfunction. It is on the last users’ responsibility to turn off the microscopes at the end of the day. Microscope computers have temporary data storage only during the imaging and the user data should be transferred after the experiments. User data can be transferred from the instrument computers using a network drive. Further instructions will be provided by the core facility staff. The network drive is meant for data transfer only, not for personal storage.

Data publication – Acknowledgements

BCO-TIC would greatly appreciate if the light microcopy core facility is acknowledged in the publications when services are provided. We also kindly ask you to send a notification about your BCO-TIC -supported publication(s) to Lauri Eklund (lauri.eklund (at)

Here you can find an example on how to Acknowledge Biocenter Oulu Research Infrastructure.

Last updated: 5.12.2020