Funding from the Academy of Finland R´Life to Biocenter Oulu group leaders

From the Academy of Finland Molecular Regulatory Networks of Life (R´Life) Funding, the Consortium ELMI: (The leukemic matrisome interface as a source of markers and targets for acute myeloid leukemia), with Prof. Taina Pihlajaniemi, Docent Valerio Izzi, and Prof. Jyrki Heino (University of Turku) has received funding of 750 527€, of which 393 720€ to Oulu University. In addition, Prof. Mikko Sillanpää and Docent Tanja Pyhäjärvi are members of Consortium FOREVER (Forest Tree Evolution Via Expression Regulation) and have received 435 977€. The funding period is 2020-2023.

Last updated: 5.12.2019