Katri Pylkäs received an Academy Research Fellow Post

Docent Katri Pylkäs, Senior Researcher in Robert Winqvist´s research group and Coordinator of BCO Sequencing Center has received an Academy Research Fellow post from The Academy of Finland’s Research Council for Health. Pylkäs´s research topic is Identification and functional characterization of novel genetic predisposing factors for breast cancer. Funding is 434 485€ for five years starting in September 2017.

Of the 85 applications only 12 were funded (success rate 12%). Research posts as Academy Research Fellow are intended for experienced researchers for independent scientific work following a set research plan. The aim of the five-year funding is to provide a fixed-term, fulltime opportunity for top researchers to gain competence for the most demanding research posts or other expert positions.

Project description

Identification and functional characterization of novel genetic predisposing factors for breast cancer

Breast cancer is the most common malignancy in women. It is strongly influenced by hereditary risk factors, a majority of which still remains unknown. The aim of current project is to identify novel breast cancer predisposing gene defects, resolve the related disease predisposing mechanisms and if these can be targeted by drugs, and ultimately, to improve diagnostics and genetic counseling. The used approach is multidisciplinary: several next-generation sequencing based genomics and transcriptomics approaches are combined with gene editing, sophisticated biochemical assays and drug testing. Resolving the genetic susceptibility to breast cancer will improve disease risk modeling and facilitates personalized cancer screening and prevention. Improved knowledge on cancer predisposition genes and characterization of their normal and mutated versions in both normal tissues and in progression towards malignancy is expected to significantly improve cancer treatment.


Last updated: 19.5.2017