0,79 mill. € funding from Cancer Foundation to BCO scientists

Professor Robert Winqvist and the research team has been awarded a grant of 450 000€ from the Cancer Foundation. The title of the project is Hereditary breast cancer predisposition: factors, cellular mechanisms, disease modeling and clinical importance. The grant is for 3 years.

Other grant receivers in Biocenter Oulu in alphabetical order: Prof. Taina Pihlajaniemi (Mechanisms and therapeutic potential of non-fibrillar collagens in solid cancers), Doc. Katri Pylkäs (Identification and functional characterization of novel genetic predisposing factors for breast cancer), Prof. Seppo Vainio (Solujen erittämät solun ulkoiset vesikkelit munuaisen syövän synnyssä ja hoidossa, and Doc. Gonghong Wei (Mechanistic understanding of prostate cancer causal SNPs and genes for clinical translation). In addition, MSc Tuomo Mantere and MSc Anna Tervasmäki received grants for preparation of their thesis work.

Please, see more details in https://www.syopajarjestot.fi/apurahat/syopasaation-apurahat/myonnetyt-apurahat-2017/

Last updated: 17.11.2017