Mouse phenotyping

Physiologial analysis of mice

Left ventricular systolic function

For analysis of cardiac function mice are anaesthetized with isoflurane. Cardiac dimensions and function are analysed using a Visualsonics Vevo 2100 high resolution ultrasound imaging system. Left ventricular end-systolic (LVESD) and end-diastolic (LVEDD) dimensions and the thicknesses of the interventricular septum (IVS) and posterior wall (PW) are measured. LV fractional shortening (LVFS) and the ejection fraction (EF) are calculated from the M-mode. A minimum of 6 mice per group is recommended.

Left ventricular diastolic function

For evaluation of LV diastolic function, mitral flow is recorded from an apical four-chamber view. Measurements of peak flow velocity of the early rapid diastolic filling wave (E) are made and E/A ratio is calculated. A minimum of 6 mice per group is recommended.

Fig. Echo

Telemetric measurement of blood pressure

Telemetric measurement offers stress-free monitoring and data collection. We analyze conscious, freely moving animals using surgically implanted transmitters. Mean arterial pressure and heart rate are being recorded.

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Last updated: 6.2.2019