Slide scanning and other services

Other services:

For these services, please contact the core personnel.

  • iPS cells
  • Isolation of ES cells
  • Ovary transfer
  • Importing of mouse lines
  • Shipping of mouse lines
  • Microscope slide scanning service
  • Visiopharm image analysis software

Microscope slide scanning service and image analysis software

The scanner is located at BCO TG-core facilities in lab 478B, 4th floor in Kieppi building.

For further information, please contact TG core personnel:
reetta.vuolteenaho(at), salla.kangas(at), anne.heikkinen(at)

Slide scanner information [PDF]

Hamamatsu NanoZoomer S60 slide scanner

  • NanoZoomer S60 slide scanner is for scanning histological specimen
  • Scanner capacity at one run is 60 slides (or 20 double sized slides)
  • 20x and 40x modes
  • Price: 50 cents/slide in 2020
  • At the moment, the images will be delivered by using FileSender, or they can be stored to external hard drive/memory stick

Sample quality

  • Mount with permanent mounting media and let dry at least 24 hours
  • Coverslip must not protrude over the edge of the slide at all
  • Slides should be cleaned of excess mounting media
  • No text or other markings in the scanning area (interferes with autofocus)
  • No broken slides or coverslips -> they can damage the scanner!
  • Please, include an excel file with the names of the slides (in the same order in which you have given them)

Viewing and exporting the images

  • You can view your scanned slides and export images using free software NDP.view2, freely available at Hamamatsu homepage and in Software Center for UNIV-computers.

Visiopharm image analysis software

  • For quantification of tissue properties using image analysis
  • Analysis Protocol Packages (APPs) can be used to do automated analysis protocol to the sample
  • APPs can be self-made or they can be purchased from Visiopharm APP center

Last updated: 30.3.2020