Structures and Construction Technology

SCT strives for intelligent, sustainable, resilient, and resource-efficient built environment. 

SCT's research focuses on the possibilities of existing and emerging technologies, systemic understanding, and human-centered solutions over the life-cycle of structures and built environment. The foci of research are realised through active industry and stakeholder collaboration in national and international research projects. SCT pursues societal impact, academic recognition and invests in academic talent. 

Cross-cutting themes of research

  • technology: automation, digitalisation, AI
  • human-centricity: health, sustainability
  • systems: construction machines, transport systems, built environment, design systems

Structural Design and Engineering Mechanics

Research towards robust and resilient engineering structures

Researchers of the Unit
12.10.2020 Researcher

Ulla Haverinen-Shaughnessy

3.5.2017 Researcher

Rauno Heikkilä

16.9.2020 Researcher

Pekka Leviäkangas

21.2.2018 Researcher

Antti H. Niemi

16.11.2017 Researcher

Anne Tuomela