Structures and Construction Technology

The Structures and Construction Technology Research Unit (SCT) is focused on the design of large machinery and vehicles, various equipment, demanding engineering structures in buildings and bridges, construction technology, as well as applied mechanics in the fields of civil and mechanical engineering. The SCT unit participates in education at all levels (bacheror, master, doctoral) especially in the degree programmes of civil engineering and mechanical engineering. The course topics cover engineering mechanics, structural engineering, geotechnical engineering, transport engineering as well as construction automation and simulation.

Research areas

Structural engineering and computational mechanics

Development of robust computational methods for exceptionally difficult engineering structures

Research projects
Reseachers of the unit
3.5.2017 Researcher

Rauno Heikkilä

21.2.2018 Researcher

Antti H. Niemi

16.11.2017 Researcher

Anne Tuomela