Faculty of Education

The Faculty of Education is a multidisciplinary expert organisation for training, research and development in the field of education and teaching.The Faculty provides high-quality education and research in a multidisciplinary and international academic environment. In addition to Bachelor's and Master's degrees, the Faculty offers a variety of postgraduate and continuing education opportunities. There are numerous research groups and projects which function in different cooperation and development projects in both the public and the private sector. There is also a teacher training school functioning under the auspices of the Faculty of Education.

Artificial intelligence reads people like an open book


Research in the Faculty of Education mainly addresses the university’s focus areas of Understanding humans in change and Digital solutions in sensing and interactions. The main theme of research is education in a changing world. Research in the faculty is seeking solutions to how man can exert an active influence on changes instead of just reacting to them.

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The core of the education in educational sciences is formed by education and training covering the entire human life cycle from early childhood education through the learning and teaching of children and adolescents at basic education age to educational planning and other expert tasks. The education provides qualifications for educational tasks in a diversified world and prerequisites for doctoral education.

The  Faculty of Education offers a number of programmes, whether you are interested in working in early childhood education, as a primary education teacher, as a music teacher or in educational planning and other expert tasks.

All the programmes lead to the degree of Master of Arts (Education). The major subject in the degree is either education, educational psyhology, music education, or early childhood education.

Degree Programmes