Health care education and competence (HealthEduCom)

The research group is researching healthcare education and competence.
We also focus on hybrid intelligence and digital technology in education and its effects on the users.

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The research group is researching learning environments and mentoring to enhance healthcare students’, educators’ and professionals' competence development, collaboration, well-being and psychological safety.

We develop and test effective education by utilising hybrid intelligence and digital technology to ensure a higher quality of patient care.

We further specialised in culturally and linguistically diverse minority groups’ research and innovation.

Research materials include qualitative and quantitative data, psychometrically tested instruments (incl. Mentor Competence Instrument, Mentor Cultural Competence Instrument, Clinical Learning Environment and Mentoring of Culturally and Linguistically Diverse Nursing Students, Digital Competence & Associated Factors to Digital Competence instruments, Social- and Health Care Educators' Competence, Healthcare Professionals' Knowledge in Radiation Protection). The groups uses methods of theory development and testing, interventional studies, predictive modeling, systematic reviews with meta-analysis/meta-aggregation, qualitative study with content analysis, psychometrically validated instruments, & algorithmic and machine learning.

Societal impact

In our research group, we are active in collaboration, decision making, and transnational research by representing a need for education and competence development to strengthen health care innovation, sustainability and anticipation.

We generate and synthesize research and evidence for key knowledge needs for health and social care, its education, and competence development both nationally and internationally.

We actively disseminate the evidence in the format of education and its integration into healthcare systems to promote recruitment and retention of the health care workforce and continues career development.

We promote evidence-based education and competence implementation of effective health care to sustain good health and a person’s wellbeing, equality of competence development, and future career opportunities.