Hydrology and Water Quality

Northern, natural waters and antropogenic influence are the focus of the Hydrology and Water Quality research group (HWQ) at WE3 research unit.
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The group produces novel science to monitor, model and predict environmental change focusing on hydrological and biogeochemical processes. Within this, we do research on cold climate hydrology, modelling and water quality in pristine and managed catchments. The research uses scientific outputs to develop solutions to improve land and water management and policy input.

Main research themes

The main research themes of the group are divided into three sections. These themes are presented in detail below:

Research highlights

Our main research sites are the Pallas environmental monitoring supersite, Oulanka research station and Ruukki research station, but in addition to these we conduct active research cooperation in different sites both nationally and globally. More information about these individual research sites can be found through the links below.

Pallas: https://blogs.egu.eu/divisions/hs/2019/06/19/featured-catchment-series-pallas/

Oulanka: https://www.oulu.fi/oulankaresearchstation/

Ruukki: https://www.luke.fi/projektit/turvepaasto/