For the supervisor

The University of Oulu Graduate School aims to provide high-quality supervision for all doctoral researchers with the emphasis on the supervisors' expertise in the field of research and commitment to the supervision of doctoral researchers.


At the start of the supervision relationship, both the supervisor and doctoral researcher must acquaint themselves with the roles and responsibilities of doctoral researchers and supervisors, and agree jointly on the arrangements of the supervision and the progression of the doctoral thesis research. The supervisor must also learn about the study and doctoral thesis requirements for the doctoral degree. The "Study Requirements" page gives e.g. instructions on how the supervisor can provide credits for field-specific studies.

New doctoral researchers

The prerequisite to apply for a doctoral study right is to have a at least a docent-level supervisor from the University of Oulu. Thus, a researcher belonging to the staff can receive requests for consent to be a doctoral supervisor from potential applicants.

Take a look at the supervisor's checklist and see tips on issues that should be discussed with the applicant! See also our admissions page.

Acceptance of completed studies

Field-specific studies may be postgraduate or advanced level courses or other study attainments agreed with the supervisor.

Supervisor accepts the completed field-specific studies that are added as personal study unit to Peppi. Please see below the instructions for adding personal study units.

In addition, supervisor informs the Graduate School (uniogs(at) when the research plan seminar has been completed.

To support supervision

Information and instructions in support of the supervision of the doctoral researcher has been collected in the menu below. Some of the information can be found at the University's Patio intranet, which must be logged in with the University's credentials.