Oulu at Your Service - Winter Wonderland

What you can do here in Oulu? The event will provide information on everyday life in Oulu for international students, exchange students, researchers, staff of the Universities, for family members and all the others interested in getting tips on living in Oulu.

The event

At the event, you will be informed about attractions in Oulu, what to do in your leisure time, where to study Finnish, where to buy tickets, where to get advice on employment, entrepreneurship etc. During the event you can ask specific questions in chat from experts in different fields.

You can also send your questions in advance to angela.suorsa@oulu.fi and get your questions answered at the event.

Come and meet us on 

TUESDAY 30th NOVEMBER at 12.00-17.00

Saalastin Hall - HR145- Linnanmaa Campus

The event is free. No registration. You are warmly welcome!

Please follow the link to this year's Oulu At Your Service Event recording here.



Oulu at Your Service event schedule:

Host of the event: Angela Suorsa

Opening of the event 

12.00- 13.00 Stand area open and participants have the change to go around and ask questions 
13.00 Greetings words: Heidi Fagerholm, Rector of the University of Applied Sciences 
13.10 Greetings from: Katja Nieminen, Head of International Affairs


13.15 The spirit of Oulu, Counsellor of the city Henna Määttä 
13. 25 Oulu 2026 Capital of Culture, Cultural Director of the city of Samu Forsblom   

Museum and Science Centre Luuppi
•    Explore diverse art exhibitions and northern history
•    Consists of a total of 9 places to visit in the Oulu area, such as Tietomaa

Oulu Tourist Information services
•    Practical information about the sights and activities of the Oulu area
•    Versatile brochures about Oulu

13.45 Finnish Traditional Folk Music, by “RälläLIVE MUSIC



14.00 Talent Boost introduction

 Oulu10 -services 
•    Tickets for cultural events, theatre, bus transportation 
•    Get a fishing license or book a place for your own urban garden 

The services of the Multicultural Centre Villa Victor
•    Learn Finnish anytime, anywhere, free nonstop Finnish language courses  
•    Guidance in your own language 
•    Events related to multiculturalism

Youth Services - lifestyle of young people: Tarja Rönkkö, Coordinator
•    Raising young people into responsible adults
•    Youth centres with different activities for children and young people, such as clubs and other hobbies
•    Getting to know your peers

Leisure time sports and events     
•    Stay active in Oulu
•    Explore winter activities in Oulu
•    Free courses such as cross-country ski, skating, skating toboggan run

14.45 Finnish Traditional folk Music, by “Rällä”- LIVE MUSIC



15.15 Greetings from the Chamber of Commerce Service manager Mari Viirelä
Oulu Talent Hub
•    Connect with local employers
•    Helping to develop the employability of international talent in Oulu

Employment services video 
•    Where to look for a job?
•    When is the right time to contact the employment office, before or after graduation?

•    How to start a business
•    Advice and guidance on employment and business matters

EntreOulu, International Community
•    Helping international professionals with employment, networking, services and business ideas

International Working Women in Finland, IWWOF, Oulu Chapter
•    Promote the employment and integration of immigrant women
•    Provides a safe place for professional development

Stand area open and participants have the change to go around and ask questions 

17.00 Closing of the event 

Participating stands at the event:

  •     Museum Luuppi
  •     Tourist information
  •     Talent Boost
  •     Oulu 10
  •     Villa Victor
  •     Youth services 
  •     Sports
  •     Talent Hub 
  •     TE-services
  •     Business Oulu 
  •     Business Asema
  •     EntreOulu
  •     IWWOF
  •     Start-Up Refugees
  •     OSKE
  •     Vuolle
  •     Saaga travel
  •     Oulu City library
  •     Wellbeing project & OYY
  •     Career Centre
  •     Oulu Opisto


City Walking Tours

 FREE! City Walking Tour for the participants of the event.

Join a relaxing walking tour in the centre of Oulu. This tour leads you through eras of sailing ships, tar trading and salmon fishing into modern Oulu of technology, health care and education. You will visit the market square with old and new architecture, be acquainted with the iconic statue of a policeman, see the historic monumental centre and have a glimpse of our enchanting city park. Along the way the guide will tell you stories about the past, the present and the future.

City Walking tour durations is 1, 5 hour and is free of charge only or the participants of the event. 

3 City Walking Tours with guidance completely free of for the participants of the Oulu At Your Service. A great opportunity to enjoy the Oulu City’s seasonal Winter Wonderland lighting during the evening walking tours!

First City Walking Tour is on Tuesday 30.11.2021 at 16.00 (max. 25 participants) In English

Second City Walking Tour is on 30.11.2012 at 18.00 (max. 25 participants) In English

Third City Walking Tour is on 1.12.2021 at 12.00 (max. 25 participants) In English

Please register at the City walking tour of your choice here  and confirm your registration at the Tourist information stand during the Oulu At Your Service event.