Sustainable development in education

At the University of Oulu, sustainable development is integrated into degree programmes in all fields of study. All degree and exchange students also have the opportunity to deepen their knowledge through a minor in sustainable development. On top of this, we also promote inclusion and sustainability awareness in society by offering sustainability courses that are open to all.

We produce the driving forces for a sustainable future

The aim of education in line with sustainable development is to support students, within different levels and sectors of society, in making well-founded and responsible decisions that consider the well-being of people, cultural heritage, cultural diversity, ecological sustainability, and techno-economic constraints. More than 2,500 responsible, world-building professionals graduate from the University of Oulu every year.

Sustainable development is integrated into all degree programmes at the University of Oulu. Some degree programmes have an especially strong focus on sustainable development.

For more information on the different degree programmes and the role of sustainability in them, please refer to our bachelor’s and master’s programmes summary page.

Minoring in sustainable development

Minor studies in sustainable development are available to all degree and exchange students at the University of Oulu. You will learn about the various dimensions of sustainability from the perspectives of different disciplines. The minor studies include courses from all faculties. Students can also include courses organised by other higher education institutions in their minor studies.

In addition to the multidisciplinary minor in sustainable development (25 ECTS), the University of Oulu also offers its students separate minors in climate change and northern sustainability (25 ECTS), environmental conservation (25-55 ECTS) and environmental humanities and social sciences (25 and 35 ECTS).

The network collaboration complements the offering of sustainability studies

Sustainability and responsibility courses organised by the University of Oulu are available to students from other universities through the Network of Sustainability Studies. Similarly, through the network, students at the University of Oulu can choose sustainability and responsibility-related courses from other universities. In addition to the Network of Sustainability Studies, the Biodiversity Education Network, Climate University network, and UniPID, all of which include the University of Oulu, offer studies in this field.

Sustainability studies open to all

Our University of continuous learning (JOY) offers courses in sustainable development that are open to all. The courses on offer are constantly being developed and supplemented. Please note that the range of courses offered varies during the academic year.

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