13.8.2019 News

The call for INTERACT Transnational and Remote Access is now open

INTERACT (International Network for Terrestrial Research and Monitoring in the Arctic), funded by the EU-H2020, has a call for research groups to apply for transnational access to 42 research stations across the arctic, northern alpine and forest areas in Europe, Russia and North-America.

30.7.2019 News

One Arctic - One Health: Project Report

The One Arctic - One Health report is a summary of the Finnish activities and achievements in the One Arctic - One Health project during the Finnish Chairmanship of the Arctic Council. The main actions included the One Arctic - One Health conference in Oulu, establishment of the TremArctic network, and two published Systematic Review papers and manuscripts.  The report of all activities of the One Health project (2017-2019) led by Finland, U.S. and Canada is available in the SDWG website.

29.4.2019 News

ArcI International Visit Grant programme

Researchers/collaborators of the University of Oulu  are invited to apply for visit grants for international research visits. Especially, the emphasis is on the visits strongly related to the Arctic research and focus on ArcI research themes.

5.4.2019 News

Report from the 2nd Arctic Science Ministerial

The European Commission, Finland and Germany co-hosted the 2nd Arctic Science Ministerial (ASM2), held in Berlin, Germany, on 25–26 October 2018. The report "Co-operation in Arctic Science - Challenges and Joint Actions" is now available.

27.3.2019 News

Rooting young people through cultural heritage in modern Alaska

Professor Arleigh Reynolds, Doctor of Veterinary Medicine at University of Alaska Fairbanks, shared a moving story at the One Arctic, One Health conference about George Attla, whose actions and example left a great mark in small Alaska Native communities.

1.3.2019 News

One Arctic – One Health Conference gathered researchers from the whole Circumpolar area

The One Arctic - One Health Conference was arranged on February 7-9, 2019, in Oulu, Finland, gathering together researchers from the whole Circumpolar area. The conference was very successful joining about 100 participants from 11 different countries.

17.1.2019 News

Inspired by Arctic – Call for membership in the University of Oulu´s Arctic Research Network

Warming of the Arctic threatens the populations and environment in the circumpolar regions, and provision of key ecosystem services that rely on fundamental water, carbon and nutrient processes.

12.11.2018 News

Sulavassa ikiroudassa piilee terveysriski

Thule -instituutin johtaja Arja Rautio valottaa vastikään ilmestyneessä Oulun yliopiston Science with Arctic Attitude -blogin postauksessaan ikiroudan sulamisen aiheuttamia potentiaalisia terveysriskejä ja niiden tutkimusta.

28.9.2018 News

Arctic Interactions profiling theme project launched

Warming of the Arctic threatens the provision of key ecosystem services that rely on fundamental water, carbon and nutrient processes. This jeopardise traditional cultures and livelihoods and tourism. Understanding the global changes in the North and dealing with it in sustainable ways is important globally and crucial for Finland.

14.8.2018 News

Join the Arctic action – application open for students until 17th August for Arctic Expedition 2018 in Finland!

The Arctic is a unique region with many faces: It is a livelihood, a home for both human beings and animals, a versatile cultural community, and a fragile natural environment. It is also fertile ground for new business opportunities.

13.8.2018 News

UArctic Congress 2018 takes over the University in early September

The lecture halls of the Linnanmaa campus area will be buzzling with crowds in just few weeks, when the University of Oulu hosts the UArctic Congress 2018 on 3-6 September. After that the congress travels to Helsinki for the 7th September, to be hosted by the University of Helsinki. The congress week will bring together 540 participants from 28 countries, of which 430 participants are expected to Oulu.

19.6.2018 News

UArctic Congress 2018: Career Workshop for Early Career Scholars invites applications

Geography Research Unit and Department of Cultural Anthropology are co-organizing UArctic Congress side event Career Strategies for Early Career Scholars: CVs, Cover Letters and The Job Search on September 3rd, 2018 in Oulu. Deadline for applications is on August 24th.

21.5.2018 News

APECS-UArctic Science Communication Workshop

 The Association of Polar Early Career Scientists (APECS) and UArctic are jointly organising a science communication workshop in connection with the UArctic Congress 2018 in Oulu, September 3-6


17.4.2018 News

UArctic Congress 2018: seeking for student volunteers!

Do you want to be part of the UArctic Congress 2018 in Oulu, September 3-6? Participating as a volunteer you will get a chance to meet and network with established members in the Arctic research community, get free conference registration and a written certification of your work.

5.4.2018 News

ArcticCube opened at Tellus International Avenue

Yesterday, Thule Institute opened ArcticCube at Tellus International Avenue for the

5.4.2018 News

European Polar Infrastructure Database Launched

The European Polar Board (EPB) and EU-PolarNet are pleased to announce the launch of the Eu

29.3.2018 News

ArcticCube opening event on 4th April

The ArcticCube opening event will take place at the Tellus Innovation Arena (Stage & Cube) on Wed 4th April at 13:00-1

14.3.2018 News

ArcticCube opens at Tellus Innovation Arena

Thule Institute has opened an ArcticCube at the Tellus Innovation Arena, in the heart of the University of Oulu's Linnanmaa campus

13.3.2018 News

Extension of Deadline for Application to Model Arctic Council 2018 in Finland

The Model Arctic Council 2018 coordinating committee announces that it has extended the deadline for applications to the Model Arctic Council 2018 in Rovaniemi to March 18, 2018.

2.3.2018 News

Call for Student Nomination: The 4th Korea Arctic Academy, July 5-14, 2018

UArctic and the Korea Maritime Institute (KMI) are pleased to announce an opportunity for students from UArctic member institutions in Arctic States to participate in the 4th Korea Arctic Academy in Korea - a 10 day  study program in July 5-14, 2018 at KMI together with students from Korean universities.

1.2.2018 News

UArctic Congress 2018 Call for Abstracts is open

The Call for Abstracts for the UArctic Congress 2018 is open until March 16, 2018. Submissions are welcome to more than fifty science sessions that take place during the congress, which is held in Oulu on September 3-6 and concluding in Helsinki on September 7, 2018.

University of Oulu that is a local host of the UArctic Congress 2018, along with the University of Helsinki, welcomes you to northern Finland to attend high-level scientific presentations and discussions on cross-cutting and contemporary issues that also have a strong societal relevance.

Visit the UArctic Congress 2018 webpages to learn more about the event and to submit your abstract.

11.1.2018 News

The Earth’s rotation pushes poisons to the north

The Arctic region is like a real-time laboratory for climate change – the sensitive northern climate reacts first to changes and foreshadows changes to come elsewhere in the world. This is why Arctic research is important. The results of such research have already brought changes for the better.

2.1.2018 News

UArctic Congress publication the leading download in 2017

The UArctic Congress 2016 proceedings entitled The Interconnected Arctic, has been named by Springer as one of its top downloaded publications of 2017 with over 24,000 downloads, compared to the average of 7,000 downloads for similar titles.