Biodiverse Anthropocenes

Biodiverse Anthropocenes is a Research Programme of the University of Oulu supported by the Research Council of Finland PROFI6 funding (2021-2026). This innovative and transdisciplinary research initiative brings together scholars from across the social and natural sciences to collaboratively investigate the biodiversity loss currently threatening multi-species well-being and planetary sustainability, and to generate future oriented solutions both in the Arctic and around the planet.

Research themes

We organize a range of academic and public activities, such as seminars, lectures, workshops and conferences; engage with societal institutions through citizen science activities; establish an international visiting scholar programme; and recruit a number of new tenure-track professors and postdocs to the University. We center our research around four core themes:

  • Transformations and Adaptations (ANT 1)
  • Multispecies Worlds (ANT 2)
  • Innovating Approaches and Methodologies (ANT 3)
  • Envisioning Sustainability (ANT 4)

Together, these themes address the critical topics of multiple pressures creating biodiversity loss; the responses of species, communities and ecosystems to ecological challenges; creative development and use of research methods for examining human-environmental systems; and speaking with and listening to the public to use scientific knowledge to enhance sustainable and ethical practices.

Our thematic activity leaders
Alberto Amore
Anna Krzywoszynska
Heikki Helanterä
Mathilde van den Berg
Maria-Helena Saari
Thora Herrmann
Stefan Prost


The University of Oulu's Biodiverse Anthropocenes research programme has two ongoing visiting scholar programmes:

  • VisitANTS Fellowship (for PhD holders)
  • VisitANTS Come-and-GOulu Grants

VisitANTS Fellowship

This annual fellowship programme will host 10 residential fellows for a period of 1, 3, or 5 month(s) during Spring 2024. Selected fellows will carry out their own research and writing activities while also contributing to Biodiverse Anthropocenes’ various activities and events throughout the semester, which will focus broadly around the theme "Critical Biodiversities: Understandings of Loss, Life and Conflict". Deadline for applications: Closed

VisitANTS Come-and-GOulu Grants

These grants are available to scholars who wish to visit the University of Oulu and have found a host here, or ANTS members who would like to visit another academic institution in Finland or abroad. Visits can be funded for periods between 2 weeks to 3 months. DL: Rolling deadline.

Mobility opportunities. Come to Oulu!

Biodiverse Anthropocenes is interested in hosting researchers with research projects about the environment and society. We can offer a dynamic, transdisciplinary environment and the ability to work closely with any number of our affiliated scholars, who comprise a range of disciplines, fields and focuses.

Researchers in Biodiverse Anthropocenes benefit from being part of a vibrant international research community. This includes funding opportunities, research and community activities, regular group meetings across four active Research Hubs, guest lectures, visiting fellows, and excellent support structures.

If you are interested in being hosted by the University of Oulu, please contact coordinator Carolina De la Rosa for more information.

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