Dissemination of information concerning the Thule Institute is carried out by a communication group in which all operations of the Institute are represented.

The communication tasks cover the following areas:

  • informing about research conducted at the Thule Institute and its research program
  • informing about study opportunities in the field of environmental and northern issues and natural resources
  • maintenance and development of the Institute’s website
  • compilation of the Institute’s annual report and brochures
  • informing about matters related to the Institute’s area of focus in cooperation with the University communication unit.

The communication group consists of the following members:

  • Publication Secretary Hannele Heikkilä-Tuomaala
  • Project Manager Niko Hänninen, NorTech Oulu +358 294 487422
  • Research Coordinator Jouko Inkeröinen, NorNet
  • Instructional Coordinator Riitta Kamula, Doctoral Program
  • Research Professor Kari Strand, Research Program
  • Planner Pirjo Taskinen (chairperson), tel. +358 294 483562, e-mail: pirjo.taskinen[at]

Program directors responsible for the development of research information:

  • Research Professor Kari Strand tel. +358 294 483556
  • Research Professor Arja Rautio, tel. +358 294 483569

Last updated: 12.12.2012