Doctoral Program's travel grants 2013

Thule Institute’s Doctoral Program has awarded the following travel grants for its doctoral students:


Grantee Thesis subject Grant €
Anastasia Emelyanova Circumpolar Dimension of Population Aging: Cross-Regional Analysis towards Optimal Policy Adjustments 1000
Riku Eskelinen Human impact on northern groundwater resources: impact of land-use and climate change on future management of aquifers and connected ecosystems 900
Masoud Irannezhad Climate Change Impacts on Snow Melt Hydrology and Runoff 900
Sandra Juutilainen Structural racism and its impact on Indigenous health. A comparative study of Canada, Finland and Norway 1500
Jean‐Nicolas Louis Smart buildings integrated in a smart energy network - modelling and sustainability assessment




The next call for travel grants will be opened in spring 2013.

More information:

Research Prof. Arja Rautio, arja.rautio at
Instructional coordinator Riitta Kamula, 040 524 6013, riitta.kamula at

Last updated: 22.1.2013