Doctoral program's travel grants 2013

Thule Institute’s Doctoral Program has awarded the following travel grants for its doctoral students:

Grantee Thesis subject Grant, €
Outi Autti Valtavirta muutoksessa – vesivoima ja paikalliset asukkaat Kemijoella 381
Ekaterina Kaparulina Eurasian Arctic ice sheets in transitions – consequences for climate, sea-level and ocean 1 000
Pekka Rossi Integrated management of groundwater and dependent ecosystems in a Finnish esker 1 000
Anna Rönkä Experiences from loneliness from childhood to adulthood 1 000


The next call for travel grants will be opened in autumn term 2013.

More information:

Research Professor Arja Rautio, arja.rautio at
Instructional coordinator Riitta Kamula, 0294 483566, riitta.kamula at

Last updated: 17.4.2013