The ICCH16 congress will focus on human health and well-being in the Arctic and northern areas

16th International Congress on Circumpolar Health – Focus on Future health and well-being will be held at June 8-12, 2015 in Oulu, Finland. It will gather over 350 participants mainly from the Nordic and other European countries, Russia, Canada, USA.

The congress is open for everyone interested in Arctic issues, especially scientists, researchers, health care professionals, policy analysts, government agency representatives and community leaders. Before the congress will be a three-day Summer School for young scientists.

The keynote speakers, such as Dr. Alan Parkinson from the USA, Professor Jon Øyvind Odland from Norway and Dr. Joan Nymand Larsen from Iceland, are top specialists on circumpolar health issues.

The congress is organized in one of the circumpolar countries every three years and in 2015 the conference will take place in Finland. The main organizer is the Nordic Society for Circumpolar Health and the local organizer is the Thule Institute University of Oulu and the Rokua Health & Spa Center.

For more information, visit the ICCH16 congress web site.

Last updated: 8.1.2019