Kirsi Latola elected to the chair of European Polar Board

Kirsi Latola elected to the chair of European Polar Board

European Polar Board plenary meeting representing national polar institutes and research institutions in 18 countries has elected in its meeting on November 22nd, 2017 in Bremerhaven Germany, Research coordinator, PhD Kirsi Latola to its chair for the fixed two years term. The Chair is guiding the work of the EPB Executive Committee (ExCom) which is a given the mandate of the key dossiers: Support of scientific areas, international collaboration, cooperation on infrastructures and information flow and outreach. Chair and ExCom work together with the other EPB Representatives and Alternate Representatives, with the support of The Executive Secretary and the Secretariat located at the Netherlands, Hague.

The European Polar Board (EPB) is an independent and strong voice of European polar research with the principal role of facilitating cooperation in all fields of polar science across Europe and representing European polar research in the global context. It provides policy makers with strategic information, develops multilateral cooperation and implements joint projects in collaboration with relevant scientific polar international organisations, such as IASC and SCAR.

The EPB’s mission is to coordinate European Arctic and Antarctic research, optimize the use of European research infrastructures, foster multilateral collaboration between European national funding agencies, national polar institutes and research organizations and represent polar issues within European research framework programmes.

Within this framework, the European Polar Board:

  • Promotes polar research by identifying future scientific areas and strategic priorities of polar science for Europe (Foresight Workshops and Papers)
  • Coordinates scientific agenda setting and represents it in European policy formulation (policy information and briefs on topics of common interest of members)
  • Supports development of joint scientific programmes and optimises use of European research infrastructures
  • Provides a central organisational structure supporting European polar science

More information about the European Polar Board

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