ArcticCube opens at Tellus Innovation Arena

Thule Institute has opened an ArcticCube at the Tellus Innovation Arena, in the heart of the University of Oulu's Linnanmaa campus area, for the duration of 2018. ArcticCube spreads knowledge about the arctic and northern issues, and related research and education, conducted in and with the University of Oulu. ArcticCube also serves as the meeting point and information channel about the arctic and northern related issues to the University of Oulu students and staff. Various kinds of information and promotion materials about current arctic issues are available for those who visit the ArcticCube.

During the year, several events and workshops for staff and students will take place at the ArcticCube and Tellus Innovation Arena. Outside of the pre-set events and occasions, ArcticCube is freely available for quiet work and meetings.


Upcoming events at the ArcticCube -welcome to join with an Arctic Attitude!


4.4.2018 at 13:00-14:30, ArcticCube opening (Stage & ArcticCube, Tellus Innovation Arena) The program presents the various arctic activities taking place at the University of Oulu, including research and UArctic network, possibilities for students including student exchange, and many other issues!

11.4.2018 at 13:00-14:00, UArctic Congress 2018 recruitment event for students (Arctic Cube, Tellus Innovation Arena) A recruitment event for the students of the University of Oulu to invite volunteers to work at one of the biggest scientific events taking place in Oulu on 3-6 September 2018: the UArctic Congress 2018. In the event, information is provided about what tasks are available for the volunteers, and what do the volunteers gain by working for the congress. 


Learn more about the upcoming events at ArcticCube:

Last updated: 14.3.2018