Arctic Research Network Info on January 28th, 2019

Thursday, January 17, 2019


January 28, 2019, Oulu, Linnanmaa, Tellus, Business Kitchen



The research done at the University of Oulu benefits people living at all latitudes. However, our heritage as one of the northernmost multidisciplinary universities in the world is invaluable now, when mankind’s new growth frontier is to the North. The demanding conditions of the far north have always forced people to be inventive and resourceful. We call this Science with Arctic attitude.

Activities in arctic science at the UOulu relate to all strategic focus areas. To highlight the importance of multidisciplinary research among Arctic research the UOulu establishes a network of the researchers to support these actions. The network is coordinated by Thule Institute, which closely collaborates with the University of the Arctic, and together with the UOulu’s Arctic Interactions profile action (ArcI), the Kvantum Institute as well as with another focus institutes. The network will also promote the actions and collaboration of the Arctic Five (A5) cooperation.

UOulu´s researchers working on Arctic topics as well as the researchers of the Research Institutes situated in UOulu´s different campuses areas are invited to participate in the research activities of the network. The starting point of the network is registration, which will be opened shortly. There will be small grants for international networking for PIs and postdoctoral researchers, who are planning a research project for the calls concerning their expertise in Arctic and northern research.


10.30 Coffee & refreshments

10.40 Info and discussion about Arctic Research Network – Prof. Arja Rautio

Research organisations’ expectations and possibilities of the network

10.55 Natural Resources Institute Finland (Luke) – Prof. Jaakko Erkinaro 

11.05 Finnish Environment Institute (Syke) – Dr. Seppo Hellsten 

11.15 Finnish Meteorological Institute (Ilmatieteen laitos) - tbc

11.25 Case: OneArctic OneHealth  - Finnish Food Authority (Ruokavirasto) – Prof. Antti Oksanen

11.35 UO’s research profiling action Arcl + CoE Biowater – Prof. Björn Klöve 

11.45 Funding possibilities - Kirsi Latola and Emma Pirilä

11.50 Free Networking & Discussion


Info is open for everyone. No registration is needed.

Further information:
Arja Rautio, email: arja.rautio(at)  
Jouko Inkeröinen, email: jouko.inkeroinen(at)

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