Arctic Networks (Arctic Researchers' Network)

The warming of the Arctic threatens the populations and environments in the circumpolar regions, and provision of key ecosystem services that rely on fundamental water, carbon and nutrient processes. This jeopardizes traditional cultures, livelihoods, and tourism. Understanding the global changes in the North and dealing with it in sustainable ways is important globally and crucial for Finland.

The research done at the University of Oulu benefits people living at all latitudes. Our heritage as one of the northernmost multidisciplinary universities in the world is invaluable now, when mankind’s new growth frontier is to the North. The demanding conditions of the far north have always forced people to be innovative and resourceful. We call this Science with Arctic attitude.

Activities in Arctic science at UOulu relate to all strategic focus areas. To highlight the importance of multidisciplinary topics among Arctic research UOulu has established a network of the researchers to support these actions.  The network has 148 members at the moment  (20.5.2020). You can join the network by link below. 

The network is coordinated by the Thule Institute, together with the UOulu’s Arctic Interactions science profile area (ArcI), the Kvantum Institute as well as with other focus institutes. The network also promotes the actions of the Arctic Five (A5) cooperation. UOulu´s researchers working on Arctic topics as well as the researchers of the Research Institutes situated in UOulu´s different campuses areas are invited to participate in the activities of the network.

The call for proposals for international networking actions in the Arctic research 2/2020



Grants of the 2nd call 2019 for international networking in the Arctic research (PDF).

Grants of the 1st call 2019 for international networking in the Arctic research (PDF).

Join the team

Join the Arctic Researchers' Network: Workspace for the Network (MS Teams) .

You can ask more information about the network and how to join in its activities by contacting Research Coordinator Jouko Inkeröinen or VP Research UArctic Arja Rautio.





Last updated: 17.6.2020