The Thule Institute is a Finnish partner in the EU PolarNet 2 project and is leading the WP2 - Stakeholder Involvement.  EU-PolarNet 2 is the world’s largest consortium of polar research expertise and infrastructures, composed by 25 partners representing all European Member States and Associated Countries which have well-established Polar Programmes. 

The ambition of EU-PolarNet 2 is to establish a sustainable and inclusive platform to co-develop and advance European Polar research actions and to give evidence-based advice to policymaking processes. This platform will allow to further develop the coordination of Polar research actions in Europe and with overseas partners. By involving all relevant stake- and rightholders it will support the development of transdisciplinary and transnational Polar research actions of high societal relevance. To ensure that such an important platform is sustained after the end of EU-PolarNet 2, the project will work towards creating a permanent European Polar Coordination Office.

Kirsi Latola is the leader of the WP2 - Stakeholder Involvement. For more information about the work package 2 and its tasks see here.







Last updated: 5.2.2021