Am I an Arctic researcher? Identify yourself as an Arctic researcher and participate in the survey about on-going Arctic research and cooperation at the University of Oulu.

Is my research considered Arctic Research?

Many researchers who work on topics relevant to the Arctic do not necessary consider themselves Arctic researchers. You may see the Arctic as a strictly defined ice-covered region, however the Arctic is much broader than that. You are an Arctic researcher if you research topic, location and/or field site is in the Arctic. It also applies to you if your work either directly or indirectly affects the Arctic or the communities that live there.  You are also considered an Arctic researcher if your data has been collected from Arctic, it deals with Arctic affairs, or you work in a research group that operates partially in the Arctic. And of course, you can self-identify yourself as an Arctic researcher! 
Still unsure? To learn more about what constitutes an Arctic researcher, click here.

Identify yourself as an Arctic researcher

After you have identified yourself as an Arctic researcher, please profile yourself as an Arctic researcher also at your University of Oulu researcher profile by adding “Arctic” to your keyword list.  Secondly please add all Arctic related memberships and affiliations, such as membership at the University of the Artic Thematic Networks or at Arctic Five groups or IASC’s working groups, to the profile as well. All these will help targeting the important and relevant Arctic calls for funding or experts and bring forward the Arctic Attitude of the University of the Oulu.

Tell us what kind of Arctic research and cooperation you do by answering to short online survey

The Thule Institute at the University of Oulu has developed the “Survey on on-going Arctic research and cooperation”. This survey will help to expand the University of Oulu’s Arctic Research Network and allow us to be better informed of the variety of Arctic research happening in and around the University.

The survey’s goal is to gather a repository of Arctic research and researchers classified under six themes: Atmosphere, Cryosphere, Marine, Social & Human, Terrestrial and Technology. This will help researchers connect across disciplines and show the wide variety of Arctic projects happening at the University of Oulu. Secondly, the repository helps engage and identify Arctic researchers for various purposes such as consultations for upcoming European research calls or finding experts for work conducted in the auspices of the University of the Arctic or Arctic Five collaboration.

To complete the survey, click here.

Any questions? Please contact:

  • In general questions in relation to survey: Josie Ward, UArctic Thematic Networks office, josie.ward(at)
  • UArctic Thematic Networks and Arctic Five: Kirsi Latola, Director of Thematic Networks and Research coordinator, kirsi.latola(at)
  • University of Oulu Arctic Researchers’ Network: Arja Rautio, Director, UArctic Vice President Research, arja.rautio(at)
  • International Arctic Science Committee and UArctic: Mervi Heikkinen, University of Oulu representative for the UArctic council and IASC SHWG member, mervi.heikkinen(at)
  • UArctic: Harri Saarnisaari, University of Oulu vice-representative for the UArctic council and leader of the Thematic Network on Arctic Telecommunications and Networking, harri.saarnisaari(at)


Last updated: 25.9.2019