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University of the Arctic (UArctic) is a cooperative, multidisciplinary network of 188 universities, colleges, research institutes and other organizations working together in education, research and knowledge sharing in and about the Arctic. Members of the UArctic come from all Arctic eight countries (Arctic members) and from other countries in Europe and Asia (non-Arctic members).

The University of Oulu is of the founding members of the UArctic network and has vital role in both the leadership of the UArctic and in developing joint activities and networks. Our Rector Jouko Niinimäki is the vice-chair of the UArctic Board of Governors, Research Professor Arja Rautio the UArctic vice-president Research and visiting professor Jeffrey Welker as UArctic Research Chair. The Thematic Networks and Research Liaison Office locates at the Thule Institute with currently four staff members: Vice-President Research, Director of the Thematic Networks, Coordinator and Post-Doc researcher. The University of Oulu researchers are also active in Thematic Networks, which provides unique education opportunities in Graduate Programs, as well as mobility opportunities via north2north student exchange.

UArctic has altogether 43 Thematic Networks and 4 Institutes, which provide a collaborative framework for the development of education and research infrastructures, and knowledge generation on topical Arctic issues.

The University of Oulu has a leading role in Thematic Network on Communicating Arctic Research, is vice-chairing the Thematic Network of Health and Wellbeing in the Arctic, and partners in seven other networks: Arctic Engineering, Arctic Geology, Arctic Telecommunications and Networking, Commercialization of Science and Technology for the North, Northern Food Security, Northern Tourism, Sustainable Production and Foraging of Natural Products in the North.


Thematic Networks & Research Liaison Office hosted by the Thule Institute

The UArctic Thematic Networks & Research Liaison Office, foreseen by the Vice-President Research Arja Rautio, is located at the Thule Institute. UArctic's Research Area aims to increase research cooperation between UArctic member universities and research organizations, improve opportunities and conditions for research funding, and to promote cooperation with international science organizations. UArctic Thematic Networks and Research Liaison Office supports Thematic Networks, which link educational, research and outreach activities in key issue areas. Besides the overall coordination of UArctic Thematic Networks, the office’s services aim to enhance research cooperation and improve conditions for funding. Director of Thematic Networks Kirsi Latola, coordinator Hannele Savela and post-doctoral researcher Anastasia Emelyanova work for the office.






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