Biodiverse Anthropocenes

Biodiverse Anthropocenes is a Research Programme of the University of Oulu supported by the Academy of Finland PROFI6 funding (2021-2026). This innovative and transdisciplinary research initiative brings together scholars from across the social and natural sciences to collaboratively investigate the biodiversity loss currently threatening multi-species well-being and planetary sustainability, and to generate future-oriented solutions both in the Arctic and around the planet.
Vepsian villagers pick up berries in the autumn. © Laura Siragusa 2013

Research themes

We organize a range of academic and public activities, such as seminars, lectures, workshops and conferences; establish thematic research hubs and study groups; engage with societal institutions through citizen science activities; establish an international visiting scholar programme; and recruit a number of new tenure-track professors and postdocs to the University. We focus our research around four core themes:

  • Transformations and adaptations (ANT 1)
  • Multispecies worlds (ANT 2)
  • Innovating approaches and methodologies (ANT 3)
  • and Envisioning sustainability (ANT 4).

Together, these themes address the critical topics of: multiple pressures creating biodiversity loss; the responses of species, communities and ecosystems to ecological challenges; creative development and use of research methods for examining human-environmental systems; and, speaking with and listening to the public to use scientific knowledge to enhance sustainable and ethical practices.

Open positions

Biodiverse Anthropocenes is very pleased to announce that it is now seeking to hire four professors through tenure-track posts that are open in level (assistant/associate/full). The positions are aimed at candidates from across multiple disciplines (and in particular they encourage transdisciplinary scholarship) spanning a range of research focuses, including human-environment relations, geographies, sustainability and biodiversity genomics.

We hope to encourage outstanding, ambitious scholars to apply for these jobs. And do please feel free to share word of these positions among your colleagues and with your networks.

Five minutes with...

In the short videos "Five minutes with...", you can become acquainted with the work conducted by various  Biodiverse Anthropocenes members . In the interviews, members speak about their research, how it is connected to the goals of the programme and why it is relevant to the challenges we are currently facing, such as biodiversity loss and climate change. You can learn how these scholars tackle similar questions and issues relying on different disciplinary expertise. 

If you would be interested in being interviewed and talking about your work, please contact Laura Siragusa, 

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