Markku Niskanen


Research interests

My interests cover a fairly large range: in addition to biological anthropology, archaeology and cultural anthropology, I’m also interested in zoology. Since 2007, my main research object has been the biological anthropology of Europeans from the middle of the last ice age until the present. I’m particularly interested in the effect of environmental (such as the climate) and cultural (methods of obtaining one’s livelihood, technology, etc.) changes on human biology. International research cooperation has provided a huge amount of information about the bone morphology of Europeans in the past 40,000 years.

In terms of animals, I’m particularly interested in the assessment of size and physical activity level based on bone dimensions and morphology, as well as the effects of domestication and breeding. As an equine enthusiast who also owns a horse, I’m naturally also interested in horses.

My research is multidisciplinary: I utilise modern imaging methods and molecular research (DNA studies and stable isotope determination) in addition to morphological studies in close cooperation with representatives of the fields of biology and biomedicine.


Active research projects

  • University of Oulu RAE-2013 funding for bioarchaeology research group (BARC). Principal investigator M. Niskanen.


Previous research projects

  • The Body Size, Body Shape and Skeletal Robusticity of Post-Pleistocene Europeans. Research project grant, Academy of Finland, 2009-2012. Vastuullinen tutkija M. Niskanen.
  • On the Verge of Modernity: Post-Pleistocene Evolution of the European Skeleton. Research project grant, National Science Foundation, 2007-2011. A collaborative project together with Christopher Ruff (Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine).



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Last updated: 21.9.2017