New funding from the Research Council of Finland for researchers at the University of Oulu

The Research Council of Finland has made decisions on new funding for Academy Research Fellows, Clinical Researchers and Academy Projects.

The Scientific Council for Biosciences, Health and the Environment made the decisions on Wednesday 12 June. It awarded funding to two Clinical Researchers, two Academy Research Fellows and six Academy Projects at the University of Oulu for a total of almost €5 million for the period 2024–2028.

Clinical Researchers:

Janne Kananen, Impact of sleep apnea on physiological brain pulsations across sleep-wake phases: Unraveling Physiological Dynamics

Paula Tegelberg, Metabolic factors as risk for periodontal disease,

Academy Research Fellows:

Tiina Mattila, Genomics of high-latitude parallel adaptation

Tuomo Mantere, Deciphering the structural variant landscape of acute myeloid leukemia by integrated optical genome mapping and transcriptome analysis

Academy Projects:

Daniela Ungureanu, Novel mechanisms of ROR1/2 receptor pseudokinase signaling: advancing cancer therapy and WNTs specificity

Juhani Junttila, Intramyocardial Fat Deposits in Ischemic Sudden Cardiac Death

Katri Pylkäs, Decoding the molecular genetics and biology of inherited breast cancer susceptibility

Mika Nevalainen, Magnetic Resonance Fingerprinting in Musculoskeletal Imaging: Implementation of Synthetic MRI into Clinical Workflow

Kaija Autio, Mitochondrial acyl-ACPs in regulation of respiration and metabolism

Marko Mutanen, A Genomic Blueprint for the Description of Thousands of New Species

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The Scientific Council for Social Sciences and Humanities has granted funding to the University of Oulu for three Academy projects and three Academy Research Fellows for a total of over 2.8 million euros for the years 2024–2028.

Academy Projects:

Maija-Liisa Lanas, Mechanisms of normalising friendship violence of young people

Pauliina Rautio, More than just human homes Creating new storylines of co-habitation to drive everyday life sustainability transitions (HOMINGS)

Katariina Holma, Education for deliberation: Practices of inquiry in dialogue-based democratic education

Academy Research Fellows:

Antti Lepistö, Public Opinion Wars: Modern Polling, the Politics of Knowledge, and the Polarization of Reality in the United States, 1935-2020

Ismail CELIK, The Power of Teachers' Online Mentorship for AI Partnership (Power-T/A)

Aripekka Junno, Investigating the simultaneous collapse of coastal settlements and marine mammal populations during the Late Jomon period by reconstructing individual lifetime ISOtope and STRESS hormone profiles from fur seal remains in Northern Japan (ISO-STRESS)

Oula Seitsonen, Eerie Arctic Aviation: Impacts and Cultural Legacies of 20th Century Military Aviation in the Circumpolar Zone

Strategic Research Funding 10.6.2024:

Seija Jalagin, Mobile Futures: Diversity, Trust and Two-Way Integration, extension funding

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The Scientific Council for Natural Sciences and Engineering has granted funding to the University of Oulu for a total of almost 8,7 million euros for the period 2024–2028.

Academy Research Fellows:

Tung Phan, Space-Time Modulated Reconfigurable Intelligent Surfaces Enable sub-THz Integrated Sensing and Communication Wireless Systems (SMARTS)

Shubo Wang, Synergistic Surface Nanocrystallization and oxidation treatment for Hydrogen Embrittlement resistant steels

Lauri Holappa, Modeling Ionospheric response to solar wind Driving: particle precipitation, conductAnce and currentS (MIDAS)

Onel Alcaraz López, Synergic and Context-aware Protocols for Energy-neutral IoT Devices (ECO-LITE)

Palanivel Molaiyan, Interface Investigations of New Halide-based Solid Electrolytes for Solid-state Batteries (In2BaT)

Akseli Mansikkamäki, Spin-Delocalized Lanthanide Single-Molecule Magnets

Academy Projects:

Nora Jullok, Energy-efficient biomimetic membranes for blue energy harvesting (EcoBLUE)

Juha Vaara, Spin hyperpolarisation processes by multiscale simulations

Netta Iivari, Children's Transformative Agency and Emerging Technologies for Social Good

Vladimir Zhivonitko, Enhancing NMR sensitivity through metal-free catalysis

Wei Cao, Photocatalytic membranes and compatible reactors for solar hydrogen production (pH2)

Jan Nissinen,Integrated Optical CMOS Transceivers for fast time-resolved diffuse Optics Spectroscopy to follow hemodynamic changes

Jack Lin, Surface chemistry of realistic atmospheric particles and droplets investigated with novel X-ray methods

Alun Hubbard, Resolving the Impact of Greenland Ice Sheet Thermodynamics on Future Sea Level Rise

Steven LaValle, BANG! - Bang-Bang Boosted Algorithms for Accelerated Autonomy

Burak Turhan, MICOBISE: Mitigating cognitive biases in software engineering

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Last updated: 20.6.2024