Global geographic accessibility to food resources (GlobalFood)

Project description

Global geographic accessibility to food resources: Exploring spatial mismatch between food production, consumption and transport system by using big and open source data

Despite of satisfactory level of global food production, shortage of food is still a huge problem in some of the less-developed countries. Future climate change, population growth and conflicts likely increase the problem, whereas developing farming practices and opportunities to boost fair markets may ease off the hunger problem. However, regional balance between production and consumption, as well as differences in transport system conditions among regions, have a key role in satisfying demand. Aim of the study is to explore spatial mismatch between proxies of food production and consumption in accurately localised data.


Ala-Hulkko, T., Kotavaara, O., Alahuhta, J. & J. Hjort (2019). Mapping supply and demand of a provisioning ecosystem service across Europe. Ecological Indicators 103: 520-529.

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Towards accessibility perspectives in the global food question. GI_Forum 2019. THE Spatial view (Symposium and exhibit, Geographic Information Science) July 2 – 5, 2019 in Salzburg, Austria - Terhi Ala-Hulkko and Ossi Kotavaara

Ekosysteemipalveluiden kartoittaminen Euroopassa: esimerkkinä ruuan tuotanto ja kysyntä. Pohjois-Suomen paikkatietoiltapäivä. (Northern Finland Geoinformatics Afternoon) 25. Apr. 2018, Oulu - Terhi Ala-Hulkko

Analysing European food supply and demand balance in the context of transport accessibility (Research in progress). NECTAR Joint Cluster 1 and Cluster 6 International WorkshopTransport Infrastructures for better Accessibility, Equity and Territorial Cohesion. 20.-21. Oct. 2016, Warsaw, Poland. - Ossi Kotavaara



Geography research unit and Regional Excellence (REx) at Kerttu Saalasti Institute.

Project coordinator

University of Oulu


Ossi Kotavaara

Research Director, Regional Excellence (REx)
Terhi Ala-Hulkko

Terhi Ala-Hulkko

Postdoctoral researcher
Maija Toivanen

Maija Toivanen

Doctoral Researcher

Anita Poturalska

Doctoral Researcher