University of Oulu 4.-5.11.2021

Keynote speakers

Hilde Hilde RefstkieRefstie is Associate Professor in Human Geography at the Norwegian University of Science and Technology. Her academic work is centered around two main themes; Urban governance, citizenship and marginalized groups in the city, and forced migration in conflicts and disasters. She has worked in Uganda, Malawi, and Ghana with research at the interface between academia and practice using participatory methods and action research. A list of her work and publications can be found at her homepage.




Richard PowellRichard Powell  is University Lecturer in Human Geography of the Polar Regions at the University of Cambridge. His research interests encompass historical and cultural geographies, the geopolitics of territory and resources, geographies of science, and the histories of the social and natural sciences. His fieldwork has focused on the Circumpolar Arctic (specifically Nunavut, Greenland and northern Norway), as well as Denmark, Canada, the US and the UK. He is currently working on a major, ERC-funded project on Arctic Cultures. Further information on his research and a list of his publications can be found at his homepage.



Richard PowellAri Lehtinen is Professor of Geography at the University of Eastern Finland. He has specialised in Arctic and Boreal development issues. Lehtinen is the author of Northern Natures (1991), The Fall of the Forest Villages (1993), Postcolonialism, Multitude, and the Politics of Nature (2006), editor of Politics of Forests (2004) and numerous scholarly articles on issues such as neighbourhood democracy, urban natures, organic farming, forest-industrial restructuring, environmental justice and biopolitics. His research work, inspired by Nordic Critical Human Geography (Kritisk samhällsgeografi) and Environmental Action Research debates, has evolved in the form of collective civic action projects linked, for example, to urban renewal in Helsinki (in the 1980s), organic farming initiatives in Juva, Southern Savo (1985-88), Kessi and Wilderness Movements (1987-91), Joensuu Agenda 21 (1990s), Joensuu Movement (2000-08), Biosphere and Greenbelt proposals (2000s) and the local degrowth movement Kohtuusliike (2009-).

This is a 50th anniversary keynote lecture sponsored by The Society for Regional and Environmental Studies (AYS).


More keynote speakers will be announced later!