Global change in high-latitudes: geomorphological and biogeographical perspectives

Human-induced climate change, habitat fragmentation and land use changes are global threats that are changing the atmosphere, climate, hydrology, biodiversity and earth surface processes and ultimately landscapes. High-latitudes are experiencing rapid and significant change associated with climate warming. This places global change research at the centre of the international scientific agenda.

Determination of the environmental factors controlling earth surface processes and landform patterns in cold regions is one of the central themes in periglacial geomorphology. Recently, novel statistical techniques and modelling methods have gained more attention in the field of periglacial geomorphology. Especially in the context of global change, spatial models are essential tools for assessing the impacts of changing environmental conditions on geodiversity and geomorphological processes.

13.4.2018 Researcher

Jan Hjort

14.5.2018 Researcher

Janne Alahuhta

25.2.2019 Researcher

Olli Karjalainen

12.3.2019 Researcher

Olli-Matti Kärnä

5.3.2019 Researcher

Tuija Maliniemi

  • PhD student Matthew Barbee

Main objectives

  • To investigate the impacts of climate change on the high-latitude periglacial processes (e.g. permafrost)
  • To explore the spatial and temporal changes in high-latitude biodiversity patterns
  • To evaluate the accuracy, utility and feasibility of statistically-based spatial models in examining treeline ecotone and periglacial processes
  • To produce geographic information system (GIS) -based infrastructure hazard assessment across the Arctic

Main collaborators

  • Professor Miska Luoto, Department of Geosciences and Geography, University of Helsinki, Finland
  • Professor Bernd Etzelmüller, Department of Geosciences, University of Oslo, Norway
  • Dr. Risto Virtanen, Senior Curator, Department of Biology, Botanical Museum, University of Oulu, Finland
  • Dr. Jani Heinon affiliaatio: Finnish Environment Institute, Oulu, Finland
  • Dr. Juha Aalto, Associate Professor Sebastian Westermann, Professor Vladimir E. Romanovsky, Professor (emeritus) Frederick E. Nelson

Current Projects

Past Projects


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