The Geography degree programme offers about 20 courses in English, the instruction of which are performed several ways: lecturers, seminars, study circles, project works, tutorials, and exercises.

In addition, there are book examinations in which the student will read and understand the required knowledge of the given literary and after that he/she goes the exam to answer the questions based on that literary.

The courses in English can be found from the course catalogue in WebOodi system.

(In WebOodi home page, select Instruction/Courses > Course Catalogues > Faculty of Science > Field of Geography, Courses in English for Exchange Students)

The geography courses are typically taught in intensive periods (2-4 weeks) during the semesters. Usually they are completed with an examination. Students should pay attention the information of each course considering to take, such as language of instruction, timing and target group. It is also important to note all the learning activities, teaching methods, and assessment methods, of which any individual course consists.


WebOodi is an internal guide and registration system of the University of Oulu. In WebOodi, students can register for courses and examinations, browse their studies, and give course feedback. To log in the system, user ID and password are required (new students get their accounts in the orientation once they arrive).

To register for instruction/teaching and examination is compulsory! The students should cancel their registrations as well if they are not going to attend the course or take the examination.


Noppa is a study portal for everyday work on courses. Noppa functions as an ‘electrical noticeboard’ for lecturers to publish e. g. course timetables, teaching materials and news to students. There is always one website for each course code.

Lecturers put courses’ teaching material (lecture slides, articles) as attached files in Noppa. Please note that to open the files it may require to log in the portal or/and to have files’ password. Lecturers inform you of the passwords on the lecture or via email.


During the semesters, most of the exams are organized as University Exams. Book exams are organized in Examinarium. You will find more information about both here.

Students need to register for examination in WebOodi for University exams and Optima for book exams (Examinarium). Post-registration are not accepted.

Last updated: 27.7.2016