Faculty Board

Faculty board

Faculty boards are faculties' multi-member bodies pursuant to the Universities Act.
A faculty board's term of office is four years, with the exception of the student representatives, whose term of office lasts for two years.
The number of members on the faculty board and the number of members belonging to various groupings is decided on by the previous faculty board.

The faculty board's composition may be determined as follows:
(a) nine (9) members and as many deputies, as well as one to three (1–3) external members. Three (3) representatives of the university community groupings as referred to in section 15(2) of the Universities Act are selected from each grouping; or
(a) six (6) members and as many deputies, as well as one to three (1–3) external members. In such cases, two (2) representatives of each university community grouping are selected; or
(a) three (3) members and as many deputies, as well as one to three (1–3) external members. In such cases, one (1) representative of each university community grouping is selected.

All members of the faculty board other than the student and external members are elected as specified in the election regulations. The student members of the faculty board are elected by the Student Union of the University of Oulu.
The faculty board's external members are appointed by the rector at the proposal of the university's internal members elected on the faculty board. External members must be individuals external to the community of the University of Oulu, hold a tertiary degree and have expertise on the faculty's areas of competence.

In the event that a person who is not a member of the faculty board is selected as dean, the faculty board's membership grows by one member. The education dean has a right to be present and speak in the faculty board. The faculty board is chaired by the faculty's dean.

The faculty board is tasked with assisting the faculty's management in the following matters:
1) the preparation and implementation of the faculty's operational programme;
2) the preparation of the faculty's action and financial plan as well as its personnel plan;
3) monitoring the faculty's activities and finances; and
4) communicating the faculty's affairs to the personnel and students.

Currently, The Faculty Board members are:

Mikko Puhakka, Dean, Professor, Head of the Board
Tuija Mainela, Professor
Saila Saraniemi, University Lecturer
Student member (not named)
Heli Koski, Research Director, Research Institute of the Finnish Economy
Jari Karppinen, Regional Director, Ernst & Young
Juha Ala-Mursula, Director, BusinessOulu

Their substitutes are:
Jukka Perttunen, Professor
Jan Hermes, Post-Doctoral Researcher
Student member (not named)

Janne Järvinen, Professori, Vice Dean for Education
Pasi Karjalainen, Controller
Kimmo Spets, Human Resources Manager
Merja Peurasaari, Service Manager, Academic Affairs
Vuokko Iinatti, Lead Specialist, Academic Affairs
Marja Larivaara, Coordinator

(Source: University of Oulu Rules of Procedure)

Last updated: 20.12.2019