Recommendations of ECTS for different activities related to doctoral studies


  • National conference - poster                               0,5 ECTS
  • National conference - oral presentation              1,0 ECTS
  • International conference - poster                       1-2 ECTS
  • International conference - oral presentation      1-2 ECTS
  • Organizing the conference                                 1-2 ECTS

Attendance at scientific seminars 0,5 ECTS/10h
Participation at lecture course (incl. student's own work) 1 ECTS/10h

Research visit

  • to another national research institution (+report) 0,5 ECTS/wk
  • to an international research institution (+ report) 1,0 ECTS/wk

A doctoral student may include teaching activities in his/her degree. In that case, he/she must have either formal pedagogy training, or follow a course of a minimum of 2 ECTS credits in higher education pedagogy. ECTS credits awarded for teaching activities are as follows:

  • Lectures (depending on level) 2-3 ECTS/10h
  • Exercises 0,5 - 1 ECTS/10h
  • B.Sc. or M.Sc. thesis co-supervision/guidance 0,5 - 2 ECTS/thesis

General guideline for given ECTS concerning different activities:
1 ECTS corresponds 27 h work.

If there is no suitable Oodi code for study attainment, principal supervisor may accept study attainment using
the application form for approving field-specific credits found in the Forms and Instructions Library

Last updated: 19.2.2019