Study requirements for biochemistry and molecular medicine

Doctoral degree programme: Biochemistry and molecular medicine
Responsible person: Thomas Kietzmann

Total: 20 credits

General and transferrable skills studies 4 credits:

  • Introduction to doctoral training 1 credit
  • Scientific Research and Ethics 2 credits
  • Follow-up Group Reporting and meetings 1 credit

Field-specific studies 16 credits:

  • Doctoral training plan 3 credits
  • Research plan seminar 1 credits
  • Optional field-specific studies at least 12 credits
    • Can include teaching tasks 0-2 credits, when the student has passed at least 2 credits of university pedagogical studies
    • Recommended: Courses offered by Biocenter Oulu

Additional information:
Students without a background in biochemistry may be required to take up to 40 credits of bridging studies. These studies will be selected based on the individual background of the student by the principal supervisor and the responsible person of the doctoral degree programme and should be the minimum required to give the student sufficient background in biochemistry. The plan for the bridging studies (where necessary) should be accepted by doctoral training committee for health and biosciences.


The structure of the doctoral degree programme provides recommendations for the study schedules:
Degree structure 2020-2021

Last updated: 25.6.2020